Long Hoang Le
!Ph.D. in Informatics!
Zürich, Switzerland
I am interested in the theory and practice of!dependable distributed systems. My contributions
to systems research have focused on designing, implementing and evaluating scalable, strongly
consistent systems, particularly in the context of state machine replication, the core
component of many systems: Windows Azure Storage, MySQL replication group, Google
Spanner, blockchains, etc.
To a large extent,!I find myself interested in the interplay between theory and practice. Before
and during my Ph.D., I have been working in some start-ups and industrial firms. My
practical experience of web and blockchain applications development gained from small to
large scale projects with industrial standard.
Knowledge in Computer Science, with competencies in algorithms, data structures, operating
systems, programming languages, and distributed algorithms.
Industrial experience with web/application development (NodeJs, ExpressJs, ReactJs),
blockchains (Bitcoin derived), and related technologies.
Experience in the development of multithreaded and distributed client-server infrastructure,
using different network protocols (e.g., RDMA, TCP/IP, atomic broadcast and atomic
multicast), and dealing with problems related to distributed and multithreaded code, such as
dead-locks and live-locks
Experience with programming, optimizing and debugging. Hand on experience with
multiprogramming, multi-platform coding (Linux, Mac OS X, and Win32)
Applications, tools, and frameworks
Programming languages: Java (Java SE 6 Programmer certified), Javascript (NodeJs), TypeScript,
Bash scripting, Python.
Backend frameworks: ExpressJs, Koa, Sails
Frontend: HTML5/CSS3, React, React Native,
Databases: Relational databases (SQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
Blockchains: Bitcoin & Bitcoin derived blockchains, SmartContract, Wallets, Payments
Cloud Stack: Amazon: EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC, Lambda.
Containerize: Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes
CI/CD pipeline: Travis/Codeship, Heroku, Jenkins
Network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RDMA
Others: WebRTC, Streaming
Vietnamese (native), English (advanced, TOEIC 880 certified on Oct – 2010, TOEFL iBT 87
certified on Aug – 2008 )
Founder/CTO, Snode.co — Feb 2018 – Dec 2019
Snode is a Swiss startup with an international team. Snode provides an innovative blockchain-based
ecosystem that aims at providing an integrated environment for multiple blockchain-based services.
The core value of Snode is a masternode solution with a wide range of high-quality masternode
services including shared, instant, dedicated, trustless hosting. Other services and products
introduced in Snode’s EcoSystem include crypto exchange, digital assets, blockchain project support.
snode.co has several components that have been developed from scratch:
Landing page, user dashboard application (React, Redux, NodeJs)
Backend server, transaction processor, node status monitor (NodeJS, Python, Bash scripting)
Masternode infrastructure (Python, Bash scripting, Nodejs, Kubernetes)
Snode blockchain (C++, BTC derived source code)
Snode mobile wallet (React Native, NodeJs)
Snode exchange (https://exchange.snode.co/): Bitshare based decentralized asset exchange
Achievement: In its first year of operation, snode.co platform acquired above 8,000 crypto
investors, more than 2,000 of which actively invested and reinvested. The system supported
over 150 different bitcoin derived blockchains, processed approximately 15,000 incoming and
outgoing transactions a day. The infrastructure was deployed on a cluster of more than 600
machines across Europe, running 2,000 masternodes concurrently. In early 2020, Snode was
successfully acquired by a Denmark financial startup stakem.io.
Chief R&D, Silicon Prime, HCMC, Vietnam — Jan 2017 – Jan 2018
SiliconPrime is a US-based product team, started at Stanford Lab in Silicon Valley, the heart of
innovative technology. Co-founders launched the mobile application development firm in 2011.
SiliconPrime has evolved and developed a unique Squad model that enables clients to have their
team to build innovative software products.!
Responsible for near term technical execution. Enabling the execution and adoption of
technologies! follow the requirement of the company and customers' expectation.
Collaborating internal & externally, working across teams to support technology development
and company development. Transfer new technologies, products, and development processes
into and out of the company. Suggesting tools and frameworks to enhance employee
performance and skill development.
Technical Architect, Silicon Prime, HCMC, Vietnam — Mar 2015 – Jan 2017
Involved in:
- Implementing application features.
- Inspecting application performance, doing optimization.
- Mentoring technical team.
- Working with clients to analyze requirements
Required Skill sets: NodeJs, NoSQL, AWS, Profiling & optimizing JS app.
Technical Consultant, Forbes Vietnam, HCMC, Vietnam — 2013
Analyzing & designing for internal CRM system using vTiger.
Responsible for collaborating with third-party agency (www.moore.vn) to develop the digital
site (http://forbesvietnam.com/).
Technical consulting: proposing and installing tools & frameworks for internal use.
Technical Team Lead, tiNiPlanet, HCMC, Vietnam — Jul 2012 – Mar 2015
tiNiPlanet is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game based upon the latest web technologies that are
capable of supporting thousands of accesses simultaneously and able to spread out to mobility
devices. tiNiPlanet is using a variety of JavaScript libraries at front-end, NodeJS, MongoDB database,
and socketIO as back-end framework.
System analyzing & designing, implementing/enhancing the game product, informal testing,
estimating/assigning tasks
Achievement: tiNiPlanet web version was launched on 04th Oct 2014, acquired 65,000 users
with 700 online users within 1 week
Framework stack: Javascript, NodeJs, MongoDB, Redis at the backend. PhaserJS + Impact JS
game engine at the frontend, Cocoonjs for porting games to mobiles.
Software Engineer, CSC Vietnam, HCMC, Vietnam — Sep 2010 – Jul 2012
Enhancing/ upgrading FirstDoc application with the requirements from onshore clients in
UK and US.
Implementing enhancements to current functions with new requirements, customized
applications based on clients’ needs. Fixing bugs, issues, etc.
Framework stack: Java, Documentum, DQL, SQL, Unit testing, Sencha, Sencha Touch.
Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
Ph.D. in Informatics - 2020
Thesis: Scaling state machine replication
Advisor: Fernando Pedone - Professor, USI
International University - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Master in Information System Management - 2014
Thesis: Intelligent faceted search on RDF data
Advisor: Cuong Nguyen - Dean of Computer Science Department, HCMIU
International University - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Bachelor in Computer Science - 2010
Thesis: Taxonomy Based Forum
Advisor: Cuong Nguyen - Computer Science Department Dean, HCMIU
RamCast: RDMA-based Atomic Multicast
Long Hoang Le, Mojtaba Eslahi-Kelorazi, Paulo Coelho, Fernando Pedone
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Scaling State Machine Replication
Long Hoang Le
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DynaStar: Optimized Dynamic Partitioning for Scalable State Machine Replication
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Dynamic Scalable State Machine Replication
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Strong Consistency at Scale
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